Digiplay - broadcast media playout

A Linux based digital playout system for use in broadcast radio. The software consists of a suite of applications and a website which together allow for the digital playout of music, idents and pre-recorded content using a simple interface. The web application provides system management functionality, as well as providing show preparation features.


  • Storage system
    • Central database for storing track information and configuration data using the PostgreSQL database server.
    • Tools for extracting audio CDs into the digital library and providing associated metadata.
    • Audio storage system capable of spanning multiple volumes. Audio may be stored locally or on a network server and accessed using NFS, depending on system configuration. Storage may be expanded indefinitely through additional storage servers.
    • All music, idents, adverts, audio walls, scripts and show plans managed within a virtual directory structure to provide intuitive management facilities for end-users.
  • Studio interface
    • Supports multiple broadcast studios, which share the common database and audio storage servers.
    • Studio software consists of a management and playout application.
    • Music search, music playlists, music logging, studio email support, file browser and showplan on studio management screen.
    • Music playout and audiowall on studio playout screen.
    • Admin and playout screens can be run from different physical machines to improve system reliability and minimise the risk of interuptions to broadcasting.
  • Other
    • Designed to run on consumer hardware (no special hardware required).
    • Integrated website for music library admin, show planning, sustainer service admin and playout system admin.
    • DJs can prepare their show from home, selecting music and scripting links.
    • Basic Sustainer/automated playout system included.
    • GPL source code available.

Digiplay on GitHub | Radio Warwick documentation


DarkIce live audio streamer

A digital audio logging system for use in broadcast radio.

DarkIce is a software package developed primarily to stream computer audio sources to the Icecast streaming media server, but also has limited facilities for logging to disk.

Our fork of DarkIce is capable of 24x7 logging (typically onto a RAID device). The recorded audio is stored in a sequence of files on a hard disk in a form that can be selectively retrieved at a later date.

This software has been developed at Radio Warwick and has been in continuous operation there for over ten years proving to be very reliable.

  • Features
    • Fully working digital audio logging system.
    • Capable of running several logging and web streams at once (in different formats and bitrates).
    • Supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AAC HEv2 (AACplus) and Ogg Opus (using third-party libraries, and where supported by the Icecast server).
    • No limits on recording duration - limited only by storage space.
    • Source code is available under a GPL license.

Currently we do not provide bundled source code for our fork of Darkice, as we hope it will one day be implemented into the original project. If you would like to compile the software but need some help, contact us at it@radio.warwick.ac.uk.

Darkice on Google Code | Radio Warwick Disk Logging Patch


TrackIt Item Inventory / Asset Management

TrackIt began development after we found that none of the freely-available open source asset management systems offered the simplicity and diversity we were looking for in an asset management system.

Development is at an early stage with this project, and help is welcomed! E-mail web@radio.warwick.ac.uk for more information.

  • Planned features
    • Database-driven asset management for any imaginable item.
    • Tree structure that allows items to be located inside other items.
    • Ability to upload metadata to go with every item - PDF manuals, photos of serial numbers, etc.
    • Module for calculating costs for hiring equipment to third-parties.
    • QR stickers generated for every item to ease administration.

TrackIt on GitHub


Radio Warwick (RaW 1251AM)

Radio Warwick has a long history of open-source software development. Winners of the 2006 and 2007 Student Radio Awards for Best Technical Achievement, the students from the University of Warwick are always buried deep within lines of code.

Other projects developed in RaW include our PHP-driven website at http://www.radio.warwick.ac.uk and a PHP/PostgreSQL-driven system for documenting Krone 237A connections in a broadcast environment.

The old version of this website (last updated 2007) can be found here.

If you would like to contact us about anything, please e-mail us on tech@radio.warwick.ac.uk.

Digiplay in action at Radio Warwick

Digiplay is deployed in both the studios at Radio Warwick, and also on a mobile outside broadcast rig.

    • High durability touchscreen for easy DJ interaction
    • Playout computer with M-Audio Delta 10/10 sound card for 4 stereo outputs
    • Linux managament computer and Windows 7-based on air production computer sharing a mouse and keyboard using Synergy

Playout software

Qt3-based app running on a barebones Debian Linux computer with X11 and ALSA.

    • 3 audio players each routed to a different audio output
    • Station audiowall and user-defined audiowall routed to fourth audio output
    • Dynamically-updating audiowall system ensuring studio is always up to date
    • Database logging for every track played

Management software

Qt3-based app running on a barebones Debian Linux computer with X11.

    • Library search to quickly find tracks
    • Playlists for popular or specific music
    • File browser for users to find their own uploaded files and audiowalls
    • LDAP or PostgreSQL-based user authentication system

Web management portal

An in-progress development for configuring and controlling every aspect of the Digiplay system.

    • Fully responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile devices
    • Online uploads for new music and user files
    • User permissions system enabling defined users to upload music / edit playlists / other actions
    • Full online showplan editor enabling all users to plan their shows from anywhere